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"Josh's advice has truly taken my writing to the next level. With detailed opinions and recommendations, my personal statement has now made my application to medical school complete. I applied to 5 medical schools and have received 5 secondary requests!"

Anthony Overfield, July 2020

"Josh's editing was extremely helpful in all the essays I had to write to get into medical school. His suggested edits are always clear, concise, well-explained and most importantly, prompt. I highly recommend taking advantage of his service."

Matt Rawls, July 2020

"Joshua Rice possesses a firm grasp of the nuances required of excellent writing. He is easy to work with, fast with responses, and an outstanding judge of personal style. I call upon his editing skills for all of my major projects and he consistently delivers quality suggestions which enhance the tone and flow of my essays."

Rob Carpenter, July 2020

"Josh’s edits helped my essay become more structured and comprehensive. Thanks to his help, I now have a personal statement I am proud of."

Jasmin Gonzalez, Aug 2020

"I was having a hard time getting the right words for an essay and I’m glad I found Josh. He transformed my work into something I was proud to turn it. Will definitely be reaching out to him again."

Lupita Ruiz, Aug 2020

"Josh had some key insights for my writing that really set it apart. He was able to help me fix my grammatical errors, and add some stunning imagery all while keeping the integrity of my story intact. I would definitely recommend him for any kind of writing piece you're working on!"

Cat Bensken, Aug 2020

"Joshua's edits were exactly what I needed for my medical school applications. He got back to me quickly and I was able to submit my corrected essays well ahead of time. 11/10 would recommend. 5.5/5 stars."

Evio Jorge, Aug 2020

"Joshua made my essay concise and straight-to-the-point without changing the message I tried to convey. It was very helpful because there was a character limit."

Bright Mills, Aug 2020

“I was feeling very unsure of an application essay I had written and turned to Josh for advice. He was able to both assuage my doubts and provide great feedback for improvement in one fell swoop. I applied with confidence thanks to his help!”

Kayla Wands, Aug 2020

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I'm your editor but I'm also your voice coach. My job is to make your writing better, clearer, and more compelling...and it takes more than polish.

Write powerfully.

Write persuasively.

Write your goals into realities.


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